SafetyNet is a
community application

that improves personal security by encouraging members to look out for fellow members.

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How does the SafetyNet app work?

SafetyNet supports neighborhood and community services by providing a mechanism to alert members nearby if someone needs help. Registered users act as a support group or network, each keeping an eye out for other members.

It leverages the standard features of smart phones to present a map and indicate where other registered users are. On this map others in need of assistance are highlighted but this is useless unless you are recognizable. So, information you enter to describe yourself is presented. An example of a description may be "60 yr old, tall male" or "blonde, short, young female", enough to pick you out of a crowd especially when your location is already pointing to a position.


Some of the SafetyNet features.

Much like the traditional neighbourhood watch, SafetyNet gives members a way to call out for help, and a way to respond to another member's calls. What differentiates SafetyNet is its' neighbourhood is worldwide. Your international membership means that even when you visit the next town, city, or even another country and you turn SafetyNet on, other nearby local members will become aware of you. Those foreign neighbours are now part of your safety net and may respond to your call for help (and vice versa should the need arise).

Incidents in your Vicinity

See detailed incidents in your vicinity and if other members require assistance.

Peace of Mind

See your friends, family and loved ones from anywhere in the world.


Simple & Easy

Call for help and report incidents by simply pressing a button.

No Monthly Fees

SafetyNet has no monthly fees, one simple transaction and you're covered.

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alarm alarm

SafetyNet - Alarm

SafetyNet Alarm is an addition to the base SafetyNet application. It provides a quick one touch Alarm initiation function.

  • Should your security firm make use of SafetyNet, Alarm will notify them that you require assistance. If your security firm does not use SafetNet you can request them to email info@softstuff.co.za
  • Alarm can easily be cancelled.
SafetyNet SafetyNet

SafetyNet - I am OK

SafetyNet - I am OK, is an addition to the base SafetyNet application. It gives peace of mind to relatives and care givers that you are fine.

SafetyNet - I am OK, links directly to your selected service provider or contact person, whether a family member or friend. Should you miss the appointed time or press "HELP ME" the care giver becomes aware and follows your written instructions.

Officer Officer

SafetyNet - Officer

SafetyNet Officer is used by officers to manage their clients.

This module application runs on the Security Officer's device and helps both operations and the officer to look after their clients.

Note that SafetyNet Officer is for security firms and is not designed for the general SafetyNet client.


SafetyNet - Operations

SafetyNet offers a security firm additional opportunities to enhance their services to clients. SafetyNet agency piggybacks of the SafetyNet base by presenting the position of your registered clients on the SafetyNet Monitor as well as the position of your Officers.

As a registered Safetynet security firm you pay SafetyNet a small monthly fee for each registered client. This means you don’t pay Safetynet anything until you have registered paying clients. SafetyNet does not advocate the fees you may or may not charge your clients. There is no risk as Registration is free, and instant, and you may terminate at any time. Furthermore the only costs incurred by your firm occur only when you have registered paying clients and are receiving income from your clients

SafetyNet Alarm is a Microsoft Windows application that manages Clients and Officers.

  • Client, Alarm & Monitoring
  • Officer assignment to a client
  • Action logging on client
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Easy to use Graphic Interface
  • Low Administrative overhead

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